Dakota Digital Design has created a variety of packaged solutions for small and niche businesses. These package offerings were created to allow our customers a quick, economical solution to getting an online presence at a modest rate. Dakota Digital Design also offers custom solutions for any sized business. If you would prefer to have a solution tailored for your needs, contact us here and we will get back with you as soon as possible to discuss what type of solution you are interested in.


Small Business Website Packages

Starting or running a small business takes a lot of work and energy. It takes lots of┬áperseverance, strength and vision to launch your business and reach your target market. We have been down that road and are intimately aware of the challenges small businesses face. As a new business is started, it is imperative that it establish a strong brand identity – the company image in the marketplace.

A strong brand alone will not attract customers. That image needs to be applied across all marketing materials and applied to all business materials. In this age, a business website is critical to the success of any new business. Customers no longer use the Yellow Pages to find service or products they desire. The internet has secured an invaluable place in any marketing plan.

Dakota Digital Design is here to help. We know the budget limits small businesses can face, and we have created several service packages to provide solutions for any budget.

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Church & Ministry Website Packages

Looking for Church web site help?

Then look no further than Dakota Digital Design. We have developed church website or ministry packages aimed at providing a cost-effective avenue for churches of any size to work with a professional web design firm. We feel so strongly about providing religious institutions with the necessary tools to best serve their congregation, that we have developed standard and budget church web site packages that are sure to fit any budget.

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Winery Website Packages

Wine connects with its consumers in a very personal way. Your wine, vineyard and winery all provide your customers an intimate look into your wine’s brand. This experience expands far beyond the vineyard. Dakota Digital Design can help your winery maximize your brand exposure online. Use technology to your benefit and keep your customers engaged and returning for more.

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