Winery Website Packages

Ensure your customers learn about you through the grapevine

The web may be one of the most powerful and economical forms of outreach a winery can utilize. Approximately 70% of all people looking for a business to either attend or visit, look to the internet before opening a phone book. What better way to reach people in your community, region or internationally or to post your weekend events.

Dakota Digital Design is now offering branding, print, multimedia and web solutions for any size winery and budget.

You work tirelessly everyday making wine, let Dakota Digital Design help get reap the rewards of your labor.


At Dakota Digital Design, we feel strongly about providing you with the tools to serve and run that organization accordingly. In today’s technologically focused society, web sites are a great way of reaching out to your target market. The web and social media have become the preferred method for sharing or communicating:

• Newsletters
• News and Photos
• Calendar of Events
• Club Membership
• E-commerce
• And more!

By blending technology with the goals of your winery you are able to reach even more people. To discuss the complete capabilities web sites can provide, contact us today.

Looking for web site help?

Look no further than Dakota Digital Design. We have developed winery web site packages aimed at providing a cost-effective avenue for wineries of any size to work with a professional web design firm. We are passionate about the wine industry and are providing wineries with the necessary tools to best serve their customers. We have developed standard and budget winery web site packages that are sure to fit any budget.