Social Media Marketing (SMM) along with Social Media Optimization (SMO) can play a significant part in supporting company goals and overall marketing efforts; however, social media isn’t for everyone and takes on a conversational tone while engaging your fans and followers.

Social media marketing is playing a huge role and commanding large budgets to support engagement and communication efforts for companies, large and small. The cost of entry as compared to other marketing elements is quite low. However, clients should be prepared to make an ongoing budget commitment and a qualified committed social media team to this area. Building a fan base via blogging/Facebook/Twitter, driving leads and converting these leads can be very cost effective and provide a solid return on investment if engagement is the top priority.

Dakota Digital Design develops strategies and tactics targeted to your business needs. During the social media strategy development we take into consideration such factors as your company goals, vision, customers, what your company wants to achieve through a particular social media campaign, your industry, your company size, location, and budget.

A social media strategy developed by Dakota Digital Design for you company, brand, product, service, or personality will be tailored to you as much as possible which will help to reach the desired outcomes.

The challenge and opportunities will continue to be:

  • Spur conversation
  • Encourage feedback and engagement
  • Generate referrals and recommendations
  • Cross-pollinate multiple social media networks for your company
  • Build loyalty
  • Promote calls-to-action (CTA’s): whitepapers/webinars/podcasts/videocasts
  • Deliver sincere messaging withhold from having correspondences on auto-pilot to other social media platforms

Social media should be a dialogue, not a monologue. Dakota Digital Design can help facilitate that dialogue.

Is Social Media right for you?

  1. Do you have the resources to support a social media strategy for the long-term?
  2. Are there natural places within your current marketing strategy where social media can be integrated?
  3. Are there conversations happening about your industry already?
  4. Who would you allow to have a direct conversation with your customers and prospects?
  5. Are the fans and followers you engage going to contribute to the overall marketing strategy?

In the experienced hands of Dakota Digital Design, social media marketing is a powerful tool that will increase traffic to your website, build back links to your website, increase your company’s exposure, and help you monitor your online reputation.

The biggest value of social media is viral sharing, when it is effectively promoted through highly trafficked social media channels. We develop marketing strategies that creatively expose your product / service to millions of social media users. We help you create high quality content that will create engagement to your brand and want to share with others online.